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Meet Hannah Wentzel

Take a look through the lens of Hannah Wentzel Photography.

Hannah Wentzel is a lifestyle photographer based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

She started photography in 2017 with a small circle of friends that modeled for her and were willing to help her explore her passion. This knowledge led Hannah to shoot freelance. Fast forward a few years to her graduation from New Richmond High School, Hannah decided to turn her photography into a career. She now attends Northern Kentucky University’s Art and Design program as a photography major. Presently, she works in the Cincinnati/NKY area and offers travel sessions.

Artistically, Hannah focus on environmental portraits and landscape photos. Hannah’s professional work features portraits of couples, seniors, families, fashion, and more. She spends her free time traveling the country in a 1990s renovated van, creating unorthodox portraits in lesser-known areas, portraying the presence of nature’s raw elements. Check out Hannah’s portfolio, and book her for your next shoot!

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