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The Artist and Brand Making Guitars like You've Never Seen

Don’t Fret Guitars have been catching our eye not only on social media but also at small business events around the Cincinnati area.Don’t Fret Guitars is owned and operated by Devin and Luna. Devin and Luna are a married couple who back in 2019 saw a vision for super awesome guitars. Devin, who is also a high school science teacher, participated in a competitive instrument build for his school. From the process of this instrument build, Devin and Luna became hooked and saw the vision to build more unique guitars. Both Devin and Luna have different backgrounds which go hand in hand when crafting and building the guitars. The vast collection is remarkable. From guitars built out of shovels, to the Millennium Falcon, they truly know how to make a musical instrument that stands out. Head over and check out their guitars and find them around Cincinnati at local art shows!

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